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                                                             lee g

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​                                 sag-aftra-aea

COPENHAGEN rehearsal

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                             Copenhagen  rehearsal

                 THE LION IN WINTER

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PAUL GAUGUIN  " The Eyes of Van Gogh"

​The Lion in Winter


"A Bedtime Story" by Guy de Maupassant -

Andreadis Agency NYC
Don Maxime Ronis- 2014, ep. 501, 504 ,505
King Henry
Lee filmed a scene with 
Gerard Depardieu  
 in Abel Ferrara's
 "Welcome to New York" 2014

..with Christopher Rich and Jamie Askew
Keith Carradine                    Kathleen McNenny                 Ken Russell                               Lee Godart

                                                                                     at opening of "Mindgame" by Anthony Horowitz,
                                                                                 Soho Playhouse, NYC, 2008 -  Monica Tidwell , producer  
Montresor (Godart) & Fortunato (Michael Pare)"The Cask of Amontillado'
Edgar Allen Poe. June 2014
Rawdon in "Rawdon's Roof"-DH Lawrence-
-opened the 13th Annual DH Lawrence Conference, Gargnano, Italy--June 2014
King Henry preparation "The Return"  .....
Helene Cardona