COPENHAGEN ---  Michael Frayn the helm here is Michael Rafkin, who knows how to                   Lee Godart, who plays Nils Bohr, has the deliberate
get the most out of good actors (as he proved during his                    good looks of Albert Finney. He also has a commanding
 dozen years at Mad Horse) He has a superb one in Lee                    stage presence, and he makes it abundantly clear why
Godart the former soap stud Kent Bogard on "All My                         Heisenberg loves, respects and even fears him. 
Children." Godart has matured into a mesmerizing leading                 However, Mr. Godart brings humor and warmth, as well 
man who's in command of the Nils Bohr role throughout.                    as subtlety to his role. And regret. We learn that Bohr

                                                                                                       failed to  save one of his sons from drowning, and he will 
Portland Herald.                                                                            never forget this.    
                                                                                                    These two actors show how Bohr and Heisenberg were
                                                                                                    the odd couple of physics - one deliberate and the
                                                                                                    other quick, both in thought and movement. Their fine 
                                                                                                     performances illustrate the creativity of such a
                                                                                                     collaboration and also show the tensions that come with
                                                                                                     being on opposing sides.Their portrayals are suitably
                                                                                                     complex, well-rounded, and moving.

                                                                                                      Wolf Moon Press Journal
                                                                                                      A Maine Magazine of Art and Opinion

                                         THE LION IN WINTER  --James Goldman

The play's success hinges on the actors who play                As the King and Queen, Cristine Wallis and Lee Godart
Eleanor and Henry, and Cristine Wallis and Lee Godart         are flawless, coldly maneuvring for supremacy over one
do a splendid job with these over-the-top characters.             another, while harboring the remnants of true love. Godart, with
The dialogue between the two snaps and sizzles, and the     the look and carriage of Sean Connery is particularly well-
actors really do make Eleanor and Henry seem like              cast in the role of the stalwart leader stuck in the unenviable
both lovers and adversaries. Their performances have so        position of having to balance family and power.
much spark that when they are on stage, it is nearly 
impossible to look at anyone else....Charismatic and           Footlights.
imposing, Godart brings a wry glimmer of humor to the aging 
monarch. Despite his blind spot with his son John,
Godart's Henry has keen powers of observation which
extend even to himself, and it is this self-knowledge that
saves him from being insufferable.

Wolf Moon Press Journal.                                            

                                                                         ART-  Yasmine Reza
                                                                                      .".Lee Godart as Marc is a great combination of             
                                                                                            swaggering self-confidence and internal conflict."                  

                                                                                                                       Worcester Magazine.   


                                                           THE  NIGHT OF THE IGUANA  --
                                                                                            Tennessee Williams

   Godart, from whom much is expected and
   much is delivered, assumes control of the stage
   from the moment of his entry. Through his mastery
   and pure magnetism he draws the ensemble up
   to a high level of consistent and harmonious's a tribute to Godart's 
   professionalism that he won't permit us to 
   merely enjoy him. Rather he directs our attention
   away from personality to the business of the
   evening--confronting Williams' ideas.

   Dr. Bettie Horne- Greenwood Gazette

                                                                       MINDGAME --Anthony Horowitz
..Mr. Godart morphs convincingly from aggressive                     Lee Godart, as Mark Styler,                
journalist to quivering wreck as the screws keep                  covers a lot of emotional territory: unnerved at having
turning.                                                                            to wait for the doctor, persuasive in his qualifications
                                                                                       as a novelist, unsettled by the proceedings,and trapped.
Charles Isherwood. New York Times.                                  Keith Carradine brings confidence and efficiency to the
                                                                                       role of Dr. Farquhar, and he knows where to put a pregnant 
                                                                                       pause. Both are on stage for the full two hours, sparring
                                                                                       at near manic speed; these roles are difficult for the physical 
                                                                                       demands and emotional shifts.

Godart is also a man of many faces, all of them
set in expressions of wary distrust, as Mark Styler, the
best-selling crime author hoping to get an interview with 
a serial cannibal killer who has been locked up in Fairfields for 
 the last  30 years.


"Godart carries out his ruthless interrogation of Serge with precision"
​Fayetteville Observer"
"Godart's Marc is nicely arrogant and dismissive."

Going toe-to-toe with Carradine, Godart is quite good in the less flashy role of the perplexed and terrified Mark Styler.....and the barbed exchanges that Farquhar and Styler exchange throughout the show, give Carradine and Godart the chance to spit out the kind of witty dialogue so rarely seen on the New York stage these days and which both do  with relish.

New York Press

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Carradine  as Dr. Farquhar,is both charming and cunning. Godart is a wonderful foil and matches Carradine's cunning with calculated moves of his own.--- New York Theatre Guide